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---Kapag me mahal ka be contented. wag ka maghanap ng iba kasi mas masarap magmahal ng kontento kahit di kumpleto kaysa sa kumpleto nga di naman totoo.

---Man asked God why He makes women so beautiful & God said "so you will love them". Then man asked God, but why do you have to make them stupid at the same time? God said "so they can love you back

---Dati sinabi mong mahal mo ako, sinabi kong mahal kita, ganun tayo dati magtawanan at asaran, pero naisip ko hanggang lokohan na lang ba? kasi alam mo ngayon mahal kita, walang halong patawa

---Love comes when you won't expect it. Don't wait for someone to love you. Don't wait to fall in love. Don't find & look for love because sometime, somewhere, somehow, you'll be falling & you'll never realize it already happened.

---Love is a pool of emotions where people float in its graceful waves.

---Love is like the 5 loaves of bread & 2 pieces of fish seemingly too little & too few until we start giving it away & realize its more than enough.

---Love doesn't begin 7 end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle; Love is growing up.

---Love is the language between 2 individuals that cannot be that cannot be explained in words but can only explained by the soul.

---Don't find love, let love find you. That's why its called "falling in love" because you don't force yourself to fall, you just fall.

---Love as if you were never hurt before, for it is better to love than to have not loved at all.

---Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it's what you are expected to give which is everything.

---MInsan kahit gaano mo tiisin ang 1 tao kapag talagang mahal mo at mahilig sa iyo bibigay ka rin kahit gaano ka niya balewalain, importante parin siya sa iyo. bakit? kasi ganyan kapag mahal mo.

---Love is the discovery of ourselves, it is something eternal. A part of it may change, but the essence remains constant.

---I have a big problem it just come to me. I know you're busy & I am too but I can't solve this without you. I can't tell this to anyone except you, can I just whisper it? I love you.

---Love comes when you least expect it. Don’t wait for someone to love you. Don’t wait to fall in love. Don’t find and look for love because sometime, somewhere, somehow you’ll be falling & you’ll never realize it really happen.


>>>To fall in love napakadali. If you get married, kawawa ka. If you have mistaken, iiyak ka, so take my advice, just stay SINGLE, tikim tikim lang

>>>Whenever a guy hurts you badly, don't ever say I love you. Just smile and wait until he asks, Do you hate me? Just answer I DON'T LOVE YOU ENOUGH TO HATE YOU. Then walk away with a smile... taray!


***Life is so ironic, sometimes you keep on crying even if the person neglects you. But you got surprised one day just when you stopped crying & found someone new that's when they start crying for losing you

***Umiiyak ako kay God kagabi, tanung ko "bakit po ang sakit?" nagmahal naman po ako? Niyakap niya ako at sinabi "kasi anak, minahal mo ang taong inilaan ko para sa iba

***Mahirap sumulyap ng panakaw. Mahirap din umasa ng di niya nalalaman. Pero pag inamin mo, anong kapalit, pag-ibig niya o kahihiyan mo?

***Lahat ng bagay may katapusan, kaylangan pumili, dapat magpasaya. Pero diba kung tunay kang nagmamahal dapat naisip mo rin lahat ng bagay pwedeng ipaglaban

***No guy is worth a girl's tears, the only one who's worth her tears is the one who knows he could make her cry but would never try

***Heart is the center of the chest. but it beats at the left side. I guess that's the reason why the heart isn't always right

***Sabi niya nasaktan siya ng malaman niyang may mahal na akong iba. Ako ba tinanong niya kung nasaktan ako nung hinayaan niya ako na magmahal ng iba kahit alam niya na mas mahal ko siya?!

***Masarap titigan ang taong mahal mo at isiping magkasama kayo. Masaya managinip, masaya mangarap, pero mahirap umasa, kung habang tinititigan mo siya, nakatingin rin siya sa "iba".

***Too bad I'm asking for more when all "he" can be is a friend. Too bad I gave my heart when all that's needed is just a hand. Too bad I fell for someone I can never have someone who could give all... except love...

***Kumatok ka sa puso ko, pinatuloy kita, pero kinuha mo ang susi nito at umalis ka na lang bigla. Tanong ko lang, "babalik ka pa ba? hindi na pwede ha, kasi nabuksan na ng iba

***Once na nagmahal ka gamitin mo puso wag ang isip. Hayaan mo sabihan ka nilang tanga. Basta huwag ka lang magising 1 araw sasabihin mo sa sarili mo na "hindi pala ako nagmahal, nag-isip lang"

***Sabi nila nagsisimula daw ang buhay natin kapag nahanap na natin iyong tao na mamahalin natin. Tinanong nila ako "nagsisimula na buhay mo?" sagot ko... "tapos sa, iniwan na niya ako"

***Do you know why it so hard to fall in love again after a broken heart? It is because you no longer know how to make the next one special because you made the first one so special thinking he/she will be the last

***You have to let go when you feel hurting too much. You have to give up when love isn't enough, you have to move on when things aren't like before, because for sure, there's someone out there who willlove you even more.

***Sa buhay pala hindi sapat lang na mahal mo siya at masaya ka, dapat siguraduhin mo na mahal ka rin niya! Kasi ang sakit kung ikaw na lang pala iyong nagmamahal sa kanya at hinihintay na lang niya na magsawa ka

***Loving someone is a decision in life & once you've decided to love there is no turning back. Kaso minsan love's not enough to stay with the one you really love kaso mahal mo siya pero hindi siya marunong magpahalaga

***Noong bata ako nagmamadali akong tumanda para maranasan kung paano magmahal ngayong naramdaman ko na doon ko naisip na mas madali palang gamutin ang tuhod na nasugatan kaysa sa pusong nasaktan/ When I was a child, I wanted to grow up & fall in love. now that I've grown up & fallen how I wish I was a child because it's easier to heal a broken knee than a broken heart

***Katangahan bang lumapit ako kahit umiiwas na siya? mapapansin kahit binabalewala niya lang? maghintay kahit sa wala? ako ba ang tanga dahil umaasa pa? o siya, na hindi makaunawang sobrang mahal ko siya!?

***We can never walk up to a guy & say "love me the way I want to be loved". You have to wait for him to do it in his own way, at his own time. That's the saddest part of being a girl.

***I always thought that LOVE could melt away the pain no matter how much it hurts. But I never thought that Pain could melt away the Love no matter how great it is.

***It's hard to realize, to accept the one you love has to go. It hurts but you say "kaya ko 'to", tears fall down because what you really mean was "ang tanga ko"

***Love can feel like heaven & could hurt like hell. It's true that to have the rose you must accept the thorns. And if you have the courage to love, you must have the courage to suffer.

***Nagmahal ka an ab pero inakala mo mali kaya tinago mo na lang? nasaktan ka na ba dahi; alam mo mahal mo siya pero hindi mo maipakita? nasubukan mo na bang magsisi dahil dapat sana sa iyo siya, kung pinadama mo lang sana, ngayon kayo'y masaya.

***People say love is the best gift anyone could give & have. My heart was crushed & I asked myself "isn't it too tragic when I've got so much love to give yet no one seems to want it?

***Kapag mahal mo isang tao gagawin mo lahat kapag may sinabi dali-dali mong gagawin. kahit ano iutos ok lang basta siya. Paano kung utusan ka niyang kalimutan mo siya, magagawa mo kaya?



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